Vibrant Shaders Enhanced Default Fabulous Shaders
Vibrant shaders v1.281:
- Supports 1.16.3
- Added waving lanterns and option to toggle it. (WIP)
- Improved nether fog and sky rendering, everything is smooth now since it uses slightly adjusted vanilla fog.
- Implemented a workaround that should fix missing shadows, optifine bug. Thanks to fayer3
- Updated depth of field, the transition between clear and blurry is no longer instant but smooth instead.
- Added an ingame option to toggle the smooth transition. It might causes some issues on the edge of your hand if enabled ..might be an optifine or amd driver bug.
- Updated option "dof strength" it is a slider now and is called blur amount instead. Also expanded value range.
- Fixed various shader compiling errors
- Fixed rain rendering on hand
- Fixed weird outlines on linux drivers (workaround, sky blur also blurs the distance, same as with amd cards)
- Fixed block entities rendering if bump or parallax mapping is enabled (chests, signs etc)
- Fixed banner rendering, patterns are displayed correctly now but there are some transparency issues against emissive lighting..
- Fixed transparency rendering issues against the sky
- Fixed lightning bolt rendering
- Fixed nether fog issues in older MC versions.

Vibrant shaders v1.28
- Support for 1.16.1 (with all its new ids)
- Added support for blue and grey nether biomes (soul sand valley, twisted forest, basalt deltas - fog color, lighting would make lava blue aswell)
- Adjusted nether visuals to be more like vanilla (fog strength)
- Added metallic and polished reflections for blocks like iron, polished granite and an option to toggle it. (metallic and polished blocks are defined in
- Added an option to toggle water reflections.
- Removed option Reflections, all reflections can now be adjusted individually.
- Added an option to toggle metallic reflections.
- Added an option to toggle polished reflections.
- Added an option to adjust the amount of sky reflection for metallic and polished blocks.
- Added an option to adjust the reflection strength of metallic and polished reflections.
- Added underwater godrays - godrays now shine through the water surface
- Added support for default minecraft clouds and expanded option clouds (off, default, 2D, VL, VL+2D)
- Added support for waving dead bushes
- Added support for waving red mushrooms
- Added support for waving brown mushrooms
- Added support for lit furnaces, blast furnaces and smokers. (they are now set to emissive while lit, which means bloom is applied to them)
- Reworked reflection visuals for stained glass and ice.
- Reworked the rendering pipeline for terrain and entities, it should now be less prone to bugs and run faster
- Improved performance by 5-10% compared to v1.27 (with metallic and polished reflections off)
- Improved option wave size, it now also adjusts the actual water waves. (water, refraction and caustic waves)
- Improved water lighting / shading
- Improved emissive lighting rendering on rain.
- Improved reflections, refractions and caustics code.
- Improved caustics rendering.
- Improved entities rendering and shadows, entities are now correctly affected by ambient occlusion
- Improved shadows and lighting on hand in first person, shadows are not correctly applied to hand and handheld items.
- Improved block selection and leads rendering.
- Improved ambient occlusion and reduced performance hit by filtering it with TAA/noise. It is also visible through transparency now.
- Improved shadow quality on translucent items like stained glass.
- Fixed celshading, it is now correctly applied to entities. (mobs etc)
- Fixed issues with enchantment effects
- Fixed an issue with parallax mapping
- Fixed reflection issues with translucent textures/layers - wrong reflections in general (or at least is should be fixed)
- Fixed fog rendering through transparency in the nether
- Fixed and improved chunk border frame rendering
- Fixed betroots in version 1.12.2 and lower (wrong id)
- Expanded option pom depth.
- Encoded and reduced the amount of used buffers
- Various code rewrites and optimizations
Known issues:
- Slime mobs are no longer transparent/translucent, this is a tradeoff to store more data in one buffer / to fix other issues.
- Colors of the block breaking animation are not rendered correctly in overworld
- Lighting bolts are not rendered correctly
- The blend betweeen basalt biome and other biomes is not as smooth
- Dropped transparent and enchanted items are not rendered correctly
- Default MC drop shadow appears in nether near lightsources. Might be an optifine bug.
If you encounter a weird glitch, try pressing F3+R ingame to reload the shaderpack, that might fix it.
- Port changes to end and nether shaders
- Rework transparency and particles rendering pipeline
- Specular mapping (reflections)
- Fix more bugs

Vibrant shaders v1.27:
- Support for MC 1.15+
- Added support for reflective honeyblocks. (just like slimeblocks)
- Added Raytraced shadows and and option to toggle it. (requires shadows to be enabled)
- Added End dimension shaders!
- Moved option "Water texture" to the colors -> water section.
- Added option "watertexture blend factor" to the colors -> water section, you can now adjust the default water texture strength.
- Reworked nether shaders based on end shaders, now supporting reflections etc.
- Nether brightness now scales with minecrafts default brightness slider in video settings.
- End brightness now scales with minecrafts default brightness slider in video settings.
- Added ingame option Far shadowplane quality (basicly shadowmap quality)
- Added ingame option Near shadowplane quality, should be adjusted if far shadowplane causes shadow glitches.
- Fixed various shadow rendering issues, like weird dots following the player at certain times.
- Fixed and updated enderman eyes, they glow purple now.
- Fixed weird screen mirroring issues. (like a reflection of a torch infront of your face/camera)
- Fixed/Improved parallax mapping, thanks to fayer3 on shaderslab discord.
Known issues:
- Shaders might not load correctly if loaded in a dimension, it's an optifine bug. Swapping dimensions should make it load correctly.
- Far away endereyes might flicker a bit, caused by TAA.
Credits to Chocapic13, raytraced shadows is based of his implementation.

Vibrant shaders v1.262:
- Fixed enchanted items if TAA is enabled.

Vibrant shaders v1.261:
- Improved performance by about 10-15% (various code optimizations)
- Updated and improved nether shaders.
- Added ingame option Shadowmap Quality. It's streching the shadowmap, lower values increase shadow quality. Higher values reduce shadow quality but also increase performance.
- Fixed various compiling errors on AMD and Intel gpus.
- Fixed and restored support for older minecraft versions. (1.7.10 - 1.14.4 fully supported again, 1.8.9 and newer REQUIRE optifine preview versions) 
Note: Due to driver issues penumbra shadows only work on NVIDIA graphics cards running windows. It will be force disabled on other graphics cards.

Vibrant shaders v1.26:
- Improved lighting during day-night transition. (Sunrise, tick 23000 and sunset 12700)
- Added support for Morning Fog and and option to toggle it. (Increased fog density during sunrise, disabled by default)
- Updated 2D cloud visuals.
- Updated clouds option, now supports: 2D Clouds, Volumetric Clouds and 2D + Volumetric clouds.
- Reworked shadow rendering.
- Improved shadow quality and distance rendering.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the shadow-filter quality.
- Added support for variable penumbra shadows. (The farther shadows are away from their source the more soft they become)
- Improved lighting support if shadows are disabled.
- Improved adaptive sharpening.
- Improved volumetric clouds visuals if TAA is enabled.
- Improved overall performance by reducing clouds sample quality since TAA filters it now. If you disable TAA increase clouds and reflections quality.
- Improved shadow quality if TAA is enabled.
- Improved volumetric lighting quality if TAA is enabled.
- Reworked and improved caustics. (Still work in progress)
- Fixed flickering caused by ambient occlusion.
- Fixed and improved water rendering during night time and in caves.
- Fixed lightning strikes / thunder rendering.
- Updated option shadows render distance, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option shadows resolution, expanded its value range. (Previous extreme is now called insane)
- Updated option cloud quality, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option cloud reflections quality, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option cloud height and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option skybox blend factor and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option Sun/Moon angle and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option brightness and contrast, both are sliders now.
- Updated option overworld fog density, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option underwater fog density, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option parallax mapping render distance, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option parallax mapping depth and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option minlight; now called Minimum Light, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option adaptive sharpening amount and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option waves amplitude and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option wave size and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option caustics strength, expanded its value range and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option rain noise and turned it into a slider.
- Updated option Cloudsblur; now called Sky blur.

Vibrant shaders v1.25:
- Added an antialiasing section to the shader options.
- Added TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing)
- Added an ingame option to toggle the quality of TAA (Fast|Fancy)
- Added adaptive sharpening (causes some issues with emissive blocks, disabled by default)
- Added an ingame option to adjust the sharpening strength.
- Added an ingame option to toggle the blue underwater color tint to the fog section.
- Reworked and improved custom textured skybox support, now also supports daytime.
- Changed option default skybox, now auto disables shader sun and moon, since using default skybox enables default/textured sun and moon.
- Added option skybox blend factor, allows you to tweak the color amount of the shader sky mixing with the default skybox texture.
- Removed option shader moon. If no resourcepack is present default skybox will only enable default sun and moon texture and auto disable custom moon and sun.
- Added support for default sun texture.
- Default stars are no longer supported, use a resourcepack with a skybox texture instead or just use the shader stars.
- Reworked clouds dithering / filter.
- Updated nether shaders to support some new features, will probably be rewritten in future updates.
- Minor water adjustements.

Vibrant shaders v1.24:
- Added an ingame option to adjust the wave size of caustics and refractions.
- Adjusted caustics and refraction wave size, waves are a bit smaller now.
- Improved caustics rendering.
- Improved "iswet" detection for rain reflections.
- Fixed handheld transparency blocks being affected by caustics/refractions.
- Fixed various transparency effects being affected by caustics/refractions.
- Fixed land being affected by caustics while in/underwater. (somewhat fixed)
- Fixed player name tags being affected by caustics/refractions.

Vibrant shaders v1.23:
- Reworked water ripples / waves to be more natural.
- Reworked water refractions.
- Reworked waster caustics.
- Water caustics are now visible while in/underwater.
- Reworked underwater fog.
- Adjusted water color.
- Adjusted reflections strength.
- Added an ingame option to toggle caustics.
- Added an ingame option to adjust caustics strength.
- Added various debug options
- Improved water visibility in caves.
- Improved water rendering in the distance / visible chunk border.
- Improved sun/moon angle option, it's now alot more adjustable.
- Fixed and improved rain reflections (small performance hit)
- Increase buffer accuracy for normals to prevent reflections issues. (small performance hit)
- Fixed volumetric lighting
- Fixed lecterns rendering, no more black sides/borders!
- Fixed refractions option, it will now disable all distortions underwater.
**Known issues:
- Underwater fog is abit broken in caves / lowlight areas.
- Handheld transparency is affected by caustics/refractions. (ice, stained glass)
- Caustics are visible on land while looking through water (from underwater)

Vibrant shaders v1.22:
- Added various ingame options to tweak lighting colors! Found in the colors section. (daytime only for now)
- Added an ingame option to tweak water alpha to the colors section.
- Added an ingame option to toggle grass shadows to the shadows section. Also includes tallgrass, flowers and wheat etc.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the speed of all animations (waving grass etc) to the waving section.
- Fixed flickering shadows at certain times, like tick 6000.
- Expanded parallax mapping resolution option, now supports 1024 and 2048
- Minor code optimizations.

Vibrant shaders v1.21:
- Added support for MC 1.14+ (waving entities, new emissive blocks)
- Updated shadows code and reduced shadow acne. This might improve performance on lower end systems slightly.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the volumetric clouds height, found in the sky and lighting section. (yes you can also fly through them)
- Updated water color slighty, made it a bit more blue.
- Added a new ingame options section called Colors.
- Added an ingame option to adjust water color found in the new Colors section.
- Added an ingame option to adjust color contrast, found in the new Colors section.
- Added an ingame option to adjust color brightness, found in the new Colors section.
- Removed ingame option colorboost. Contrast and brightness allow you to fine tune colors better.
- Added waving water and an option to toggle it.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the amplitude (height) of water waves.
- Updated waving lilypads to be in sync with waving water.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the noise amount of rain reflections. Higher values mean less noise.
- Added a new ingame options section called Shading.
- Moved Ambient occlusion to the new shading section.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the ambient occlusion strength/amount.
- Moved Celshading to the new shading section.
- Updated celshading code.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the border thickness of celshading.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the search radius of celshading.
- Moved option Moonlight to the Sky & Lighting section.
- Reduced buffer accuracy resulting in a small perfomance increase!
- Expanded values range of option minlight. (0.002 - 0.02)
- Fixed broken reflections on MacOS with amd cards.
- Fixed broken parallax mapping on amd cards running linux drivers
- Updated overworld fog color slighty, gave it some of that blue color back, like it used to be in older versions.
- Volumetric lighting now auto disables godrays since they're not compatible.

Vibrant shaders v1.20:
- Added a reflections section to the option menu.
- Added rain reflections, wetness effect while and after raining. Enabled in high and extreme by default. (WIP)
*Note: This requires optifine 1.13.2 E7 pre2 for now, if you don't use that version disable the biome check, see below. Upcoming optifine updates for older versions should fix that.
- Added an ingame option to disable the biome check for rain reflections / wetness. Turn off the biome check if rain reflections / wetness won't show up.
- Added an ingame option to disable water reflections (all reflections actually)
- Merged lite and main branch, meaning that lite users can now enable water reflections if they want to. Let me know of any performance regressions!
- Various code optimizations and refactoring
- Moved ice and glass reflections to the new reflections section.
- Moved cloud reflections and cloud reflections quality to the new reflections section.
- Adjusted the raytracer used for all reflections, very slight decrease in quality but about a 10% performance increase!
- Added an ingame option to adjust the default sun and moon angle to the sky options section.
- Fixed various amd drivers bugs. Latest amd driver (19.2.3) should work fine now. Thanks to Tinyds for testing! (tested on a RX580)
- Fixed lighting on entities underwater / in water.
- Fixed emissive lighting on rain/weather, ingame changes to emissive lighting will now affect it correctly.
- Fixed blurred hand in nether if depth of field was enabled
- Fixed various issues with water and sky rendering
- Fixed/removed beacon beam shadows
- Fixed entities rendering while raining

Vibrant shaders v1.19:
- Added support for blindness (effect blindness, black fog)
- Added support for nightvision
- Added lava fog while under/in lava
- Reworked and improved bump and parallax mapping
- Replaced option section Parallax mapping with Normal map
- Replaced option parallax mapping with RP support, toggles between off/bumpmapping/parallax
- Added ingame option RP Resolution, set it to your resourcepack resolution or higher to make pom smoother.
- Added parallax mapping support for x32 textures.
- Added ingame option POM Depth, adjust to your liking.
- Added ingame option POM Distance, adjust the distance at which parallax mapping renders.
- Moved option water texture to the new Normal map options section.
- Improved volumetric clouds color-blending while raining
- Fixed flashing water on amd cards, introduced in driver 18.8.1+ (workaround)
- Fixed weird outlines on amd cards. (workaround, cloudsblur will blur distance land abit, only on amd cards)
- Fixed black sky while raining and being underwater
- Fixed broken sky while raining when looking through stained glass (transparent blocks)
- Minor code optimizations
**I know rain reflections, puddles, wetness was requested alot, there's a wip version in lite, it doesn't have reflections yet. 
Just letting you guys know, that I'm working on it..**

Vibrant shaders v1.18:
- Improved sky during sunrise and sunset (transition from sun and moon, ticks 12250 and 23000)
- Improved water refraction and caustics.
- Minor code optimizations.
- Added custom stars and an ingame option to toggle them. (ty robobo1221)
- Added ingame option default skybox/stars to the sky options screen, causes some lighting issues with the sky during sunset and sunrise. 
- Disabled support for default stars / skybox by default.
- Disabled alternative weather angle by default, you can still turn it back on if you want to.
- Fixed a bug caused by optimizations which caused certain particles to not render against the sky - firework particles finally work!
- Fixed option shader moon, it will now enable the default moon once it's disabled.
- Fixed tallgrass / doubleplants from waving out of sync in 1.13+ (top and bottom half)
- Fixed a bug with the horizon while underwater.
- Found the cause of broken block animations, fixed in optifine pre6 and newer.
- Removed default underwater texture overlay

Vibrant shaders v1.173:
- Added ingame option cloudsblur, blurres the sky abit, making volumetric clouds less "noisy", enabled by default, very low performance hit. Unfortunately it won't work with MB or DoF enabled.
- Now works with 1.12.2 and below. 1.13+ requires optifine E3 pre4.
- removed basic end shaders.

Vibrant shaders v1.172:
- Added ingame option minlight to the emissive lighting options, allowing you to tweak the brightness / min light inside caves etc.
- fixed connected textures being reflective / textures with translucent layers
want your custom block to be reflective? Add it to ice in
- fixed depth of field blurring your hand
- fixed underwater shadows
- various code improvements

Vibrant shaders v1.1712 Lite:
- Fixed water for 1.13/1.13.1

Vibrant shaders v1.171 alpha:
- Updated underwater fog color, it's now based on sky color and changes based on time of day
- Added support for underwater fog color per biome, it's now greenish in swamp biomes. (experimental)
- Added options screen Emissive Light, containing sliders for red, green and blue - you're now able to change torch/glowstone/whatever color ingame.
- Added support for, check it out if you want to add new IDs to waving entities or reflective blocks.
- Updated parallax mapping code and fixed weird "warping" issues
- Fixed underwater shadows
Currently broken:
Water and lava, their new nominal IDs won't work in the shadersmod, wait for optifine update
Going inside underwater plants or certain underwater effects will break a function called IsEyeInWater, which in return breaks everything that uses this function, wait for optifine update
Tall grass/Tall flowers, top half out of sync ..again

Vibrant shaders v1.17:
- Added volumetric clouds (They are faster than 2D clouds! ~15% performance increase)
- Expanded cloud options in sky & lighting options screen.
- Improved motionblur quality
- Improved blending between sky and land if volumetric lighting is enabled (still prefer godrays)
- Various code improvements and cleanup based on enhanced default resulting in minor performance boost
- Removed an outdated ingame option previously required for mc 1.8.x
- Increased texture visibility of water if watertex is enabled
- Updated legacy code to new optifine standards (1.7.10+)
Previous changes which you might missed:
- Updated water visuals
- Added ingame option water height found in parallax option screen.
- Added ingame option water texture, it blends your resourcepack texture with the water color, so it might not be that visible.

Vibrant shaders 1.166:
- Fixed lighting on transparent blocks during night time

Vibrant shaders 1.165:
- Downported water from upcoming v1.17
- Added ingame option water height found in parallax option screen.
- Added ingame option water texture, it blends your resourcepack texture with the water color, so it might not be that visible.

Vibrant shaders 1.164:
- Fixed bloom in nether
- Ported improved colored shadows from enhanced default to vibrant shaders!

Vibrant shaders 1.163:
- Fixed weird color issues on newer nvidia drivers (381.65, 381.78)
- Added waving tallgrass

Vibrant shaders 1.162:
- Added water parallax mapping (medium - extreme, can be toggled in parallax mapping option, disabled by default in medium)
- Added support for User friendly options. Update optifine to one of the many preview versions to make use of this:
The preview version for 1.8.9 no longer requires you to enable the ingame MC1.8 option! (OF author backported shadersmod improvements from 1.11.2)
- Various code improvements
- Improved water visuals, adjusted colors
- Volumetric lighting now automaticly disables godrays
- Fixed flashing black square caused by bloom
- Fixed white border caused by bloom for fermi nvidia gpus and some intel gpus

Vibrant shaders 1.161:
- Fixed rendering of non moving entities (like chests, signs etc)
- Fixed lines in water, thanks to Builderb0y
- Fixed End shaders
- Improved lighting on chests, signs etc.

Vibrant shaders 1.16:
- Reworked rendering system to fix a bunch of issues, see below:
- Fixed stained glass colors near lightsources
- Fixed entities rendering (players etc)
- Fixed hand rendering
- Fixed translucent blocks rendering (stained glass etc)
- Fixed rendering of enchanted items (armor, weapons etc)
- Fixed distance dof/blur, blurring your hand
- Fixed motionblur blurring your hand
- Fixed underwater shadows
- Fixed block selection color (leads are a bit broken because of this)
- Fixed rain on water/translucent blocks
- Fixed light bleeding in caves
- Fixed weird color issues on certain systems
- Fixed lines in water thanks to BuilderB0y
- Code optimizations to reduce potential errors on certain systems. (Like weird colors)
- Improved support for translucent blocks, mods that add translucent blocks should work better now.
- Improved bloom
- Improved lens flare
- Improved water caustics
- Improved water ripples
- Improved lighting
- Improved motionblur
- Improved ambient occlusion (it's now only enabled in extreme, because it causes huge slowdowns with lots of entities nearby)
- Added Volumetric lighting (based off chocapics beta release, WIP)
- Added an ingame option to toggle volumetric lighting, found in sky options. Disable godrays before enabling it.
- Added waving beetroot
- Added an ingame option to adjust the motionblur strength
- Added an ingame option to adjust the bloom strength
- Added an ingame option to toggle ice and stained glass reflections
- Adjusted water colors
- Adjusted colors, they were abit over the top.
- Color boost can now be adjusted ingame:
0.04 = old color boost set to off.
0.2 = new adjusted colors
0.35 = old color boost set to on.
- Removed dynamic handheld light due to rendering issues. Use the inbuild "Dynamic Lights" option from Optifine.
Found in options -> video settings -> quality. Or options -> video settings.
Known issues:
- Bloom on torches can become to strong if they are next to each other because they light themself up.

Vibrant v1.153:
- Improved lighting on mobs in caves.
- Fixed transparent mobs in nether for some intel and amd gpus.
- Fixed hand flickering on some amd gpus. (tested on hd6870, driver 16.2.1)
- Fixed nether sky being rendered ontop of transparent blocks.
- Applied a temporary fix for transparent blocks in nether for all systems. It depens on your GPU how well it works / looks.
- Applied a temporary fix for enchanted stuff, it shows the effect on some items but the colors are abit off. (requires optifine shadersmod, so 1.8+)
Thanks to Vico, Turtac and Digitalshadowhawk for testing.
*Know issues: Colors of stained glass and ice in nether might look abit off depending on the GPU (mostly amd and intel). Still released this patch because they are no longer invisible.
Temponary fixes will be resolved in the future, I have to rework the way things are rendered to fix everything correctly.

Vibrant v1.152:
- Improved sky while raining on lite preset.
- Fixed flickering on hand / handheld items (for intel gpus). Thanks to Vico for testing.
- Fixed fog rendering in nether.
- Fixed fog rendering through transparency in nether.
- Fixed pixelated screen if bloom is disabled.
- Fixed bloom option in nether.
*Know issues:
Transparency isn't rendering correctly in nether for Intel gpus, not sure why.

Vibrant v1.151 hotfix:
- Fixed issues with compiling the shaderpack on intel gpus.
- Fixed text on signs if parallax mapping is enabled.
Some undocumented changes, missing from the previous changelog:
- Moon is now also drawn by the shaderpack, like the sun.
- Added an ingame option to toggle the shader moon. 
If it overlaps with the default moon either disable it in video settings -> details -> Sun & Moon. Or disable the shader moon.

Vibrant v1.15:
- Improved shadow distance.
- Shadows go through water now.
- Shadows can be disabled now. (added an ingame option to disable shadows)
- Added an ingame option to toggle shadows.
- Light from emissive blocks now goes through water instead of ontop.
- Almost full transparency support. (stained glass, ice etc)
- Improved godrays.
- Improved sky and general lighting colors.
- Improved sun glow.
- Improved water transparency.
- Improved water visuals for all presets (lite - extreme)
- Adjusted water colors.
- Changed rain/snow angle, it no longer falls straight down.
- Added an ingame option to toggle the alternative weather angle.
- Fixed issues with particles and transparency.
- Added subtile ice reflections.
- Added subtile stained glass reflections.
- SSAO replaced with SSDO, it's faster and more accurate. (Ambient occlusion)
- You don't like how colorful everything is? No problem, added an ingame option to toggle the color boost.
- Added a new option called whiteworld which makes replaces every color with white. Screenshot ->
- Added an ingame option to toggle mobs flashing red when hurt
- Added an ingame option to toggle underwater fog
- Added an ingame option to adjust the view distance of distance-blur (dof)
- Added parallax mapping. (parallax mapping depth is based on what your pom res is set to)
- Added an ingame options for parallax mapping and it's resolution.
- Added waving water
- Added an ingame option to toggle waving water
- Optimized water code, reduced if statements since they are somewhat slow.
- Improved red flashing mobs while hurt, thanks to Sp614x.
- Reduced noise texture resolution from 1024 to 512, this will increase the overall performance by quite a bit!
- Optimized code to reduce visual differences caused by lower noise texture.
- Fixed leashes.
- Improved overall performance of vibrant shaders.
- Added colored shadows! (if going through stained glass).
- Added an ingame option to toggle colored shadows.
- Added bump mapping. (it's tied to parallax mapping)
- Optimized both bump mapping and parallax code alot.
- Added an ingame option to toggle clouds (in sky options)
- Added an ingame option to toggle cloud reflections. (in sky options, only enabled in extreme)
- Clouds move slower now.
- Renamed sun effects to sky options
- Added nether shaders!
- The End now makes use of my basic shaders (until I work something out for them)
Know issues and more:
- Transparency can sometimes look abit off
- Entities (players, mobs and such) can look a bit off at times. (Applied a temporary fix to prevent issues with transparency on entities)
- Lens flares is applied to everything bright (intended by chocapic), but it's rather annoying for gameplay. So disabled by default until recoded. Also requires bloom to be enabled.
- Bloom is not final, but the current one should be faster compared to v1.141.
- Motionblur affects your hand / handheld items, same for depth of field.
- Lite preset is no longer that cut down, the only thing that's missing are reflections.

Vibrant 1.141:
- Added an ingame option to change the amount of blur used by bloom.
- Reduced the amount of blur used by bloom a bit. Reducing blur makes the bloom effect abit weaker.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the lighting strength of emissive blocks, like torches.
- Lighting strength of emissive blocks is NO LONGER AFFECTED BY MOONLIGHT.
- Increased the max. allowed value for moonlight to 0.10.
- The whole lighting system has been rewritten, it's way better and less hardcoded now. (To allow tweaks)
- Alot smoother transitions between lighting states. No more jumpy lighting switches between day/night/inside
- Cleaned and optimized code(small performance boost), no more double defines @Sp614x
- Fixed and improved handheld items that cast light. Their light range is no longer nearly infinite.
- Mobs now flash red again when hurt.

Vibrant 1.14:
- New, much better bloom.
- Godrays are no longer visible while raining.
- Nights are now a bit brighter.
- Everything is now less dark while raining.
- Shadows are now a bit darker, to increase contrast and compensate for increased brightness caused by bloom.
- Overall some minor lighting changes, improvements and bugfixes.
- Emissive blocks now look better even if bloom is disabled.
- Motionblur works way better with the new bloom, I can only recommend it.

Vibrant 1.13:
- NEW, simple water caustics, also slightly changed transparency of water
- NEW, added more options that can be tweaked ingame is using Optifine 1.8.9 G9 or higher.
For example: Brightness during night time can be adjusted ingame now. Also things like shadow distance and resolution can be changed while playing.

Vibrant 1.12
- FIXED, Depth of field, thanks to Skate702 for indirectly reporting this issue.

Vibrant 1.11
- FIXED, Cel shading, thanks to Apechief for pointing that out!
- Updated whole shaderpack to support new optifine features better (Requires optifine 1.8.9 G9 or newer)

Vibrant 1.10
- NEW, simple HDR, your "eyes" now adjust to the lighting, for example: if you go out of a cave everything will be bright for a few seconds.
- NEW, Water has changed again, can be seen in the screenshot!
- FIXED, Bloom no longer gets cut of by the sky.
- FIXED, Leaves in the distance are no longer bright.
- IMPROVED, Bloom is less pixelated now, without a loss of performance!
- CHANGED, Turned bloom a bit down, as suggested a few times.
Important notes:
Lite and medium should experience a boost in performance, about 10-20fps more compared to v1.09!
High and extreme are now a bit more performance tanking in areas with water, before everyone starts to cry, it's only about 5fps worse compared to v1.09.

Vibrant 1.09:
- FIXED, Ice blocks in water.
- FIXED, Stars, they are visible at night again!
- FIXED, Maps, they are displayed correctly now.
- ADDED, Workarround to disable Minecraft's Pseudo lighting system. You can disable my workarround if you like the default MC lighting which darkens sides of blocks.
- ADDED, Cloud "distortion" for a more realistic movement.
- CHANGED, Sun glow at night no longer has the same redish color like daytime. It's now more blue-ish. (Moon glow)
- CHANGED, Godrays are now located in final.fsh and have been merged with lens flare code to reduce duplicated code.
- Code has been cleaned up A LOT, also lots of optimations being made. Performance should've increased for about 5-15frames!

Vibrant 1.08:
- FIXED almost all bloom issues, see bloom changes below
- NEW Bloom is now only active in dark areas, like caves or certain houses. (Based on the lightlevel arround your character)
Bloom is also enabled during raining and night time.
- FIXED Vines are no longer glitching through blocks
- FIXED weird-redish lighting in caves / dark areas
- FIXED Distance blur, it no longer affects the sky.
- FIXED Fog in caves and houses while raining
- NEW Lens flare from newest chocapic branch has been ported over for more customization in the future
- FIXED New Lens flare caused a blackscreen while looking at the moon / away from the sun.
- NEW Fog now has it's own color in caves / dark places
- NEW Water has been reworked, looks pretty awesome!

Vibrant 1.07 (beta) - Updated to newest chocapic version, read his updated agreement / rules!
- NEW Fog color now adjust according to world lighting
- NEW Subsurface scattering, can be seen while raining.
- OPTIMIZED Clouds are no longer calculated twice for sky and water.
- OPTIMIZED Sun, it's no longer just a huge white spot.
- IMPROVED World lighting and colors
- FIXED Distance blur no longer affects the sky.
- REMOVED Wetness while raining, it will come back tho. Don't worry
----Know issues----
- Bloom causes blending from sky into ground / objects. It's only enabled in extreme because of that.
- Bloom can result in overbrightness
- Lighting in dungeons is to bright / redish

Vibrant 1.06
- NEW Motionblur, it's working well
- NEW Underwater fog
- NEW Lens flare
- NEW Water ripples
- NEW Water "lighting"
- IMPROVED Overall lighting
- REWORKED lighting system from torches

Vibrant 1.053
- TWEAKED Water waves
- Minor code optimations
- REMOVED PoM and Specular mapping for now..(to fps draining)

Vibrant 1.052
- NEW Motion blur!
- NEW HDR effect! Thanks to DeDelner
- NEW Water refraction
- TWEAKED Water waves (ripples)
- TWEAKED Lighting from torches etc.
- CHANGED Ultra version now uses DoF as in older releases

Vibrant 1.051
- CHANGE Bloom got another rework
- CHANGE Torches etc are now brighter and got a new color tone
- NEW Added a workarround for macs with very low fps, can be enabled in composite.fsh

Vibrant 1.05
- NEW Bloom method
- NEW Colors (Tonemapping and such)
- NEW 2D Clouds, taking almost no fps.
- NEW Bokeh DoF and distance blur
- NEW Water ripples
- NEW Water reflections
- NEW Reflections when raining / wetness
- NEW Sun
- NEW Torchlight color
- NEW/BETTER Godrays
- NEW FOG finally!
- NEW Underwater is now kinda foggy
- FIXED black night
- FIXED flickering
- FIXED a hell lot more bugs
- More optimized
Probably way more changes, but I can't remember them all.
Works with PC's and Mac's with Nvidia and some AMD cards (plz report your result if it doesnt work, by also posting the devlog from the minecraft launcher into a spoiler. This helps me the most, I still need to know at least your OS and graphic card)

Vibrant 1.03
- Fixed specular mapping (reflections)
- Added parallax mapping (pom, requires adjusted TP)
- Way better night can be disabled in composite.fsh
- Sharper shadows without fps hit
- White screen caused by lens flare probably fixed
- Added version for Intel cards
- Better sun and sky
- probably some more changes which I forgot

Vibrant 1.02
- Added new waving objects from 1.7.2

Vibrant 1.01
- fixed blurred hand when using depth of field

Vibrant 1.0
- Bunch of bugfixes and improvments
- All versions works with any Nvidia drivers now. (Im on the latest beta for ex.)
- Motionblur added, currently overlapping with Godrays, so you can only use one. (Found in composite1.fsh, but dont use it yet, requires more work)
- No depth of field pre-configured download added
* TODO *
- Fog
- Better glowing effects
- Parallax mapping
- ...

Vibrant Pre9.
- fixed weird white transparent "screen"
- fixed black ground while looking away from the sun
- Activated Ice and Netherportal reflections in max and max+celshading (May be tweaked and optimized in future update)
- Added handeld items casting light ~ from Chocapics WIP9. Can be activated in composite.fsh
- Darker nights added
- Optimized even a little bit more

Vibrant Pre8.3
- fixed weird looking ice (reworked how I changed the water color)
- Specular mapping is kinda fixed - can look weird sometimes

Vibrant Pre8.2
- Godrays
- Handheld items like torches cast light (enable in composite.fsh)
- New water color WIP *Ice is a bit buggy
- Screen gets brighter while looking at the sun WIP
- Basic function for a better night added
- Fixed SSAO
There will be a few other bugs maybe, its a preview

Vibrant Pre7.1
- Fixed specular mapping

Vibrant Pre7
- Added basic lens flare
- Merged with chocapics rain flares
- Added specular mapping back (broken, fixed in 7.1)
- Reworked water shader again
- Ssao currently broken
Enhanced Default v1.11:
- Support for MC 1.15+
- Added two profiles / setting presets to the shader options: Fast and Fancy. You can of course still tweak everything manually.
- Added support for reflective honeyblocks. (just like slimeblocks)
- Added a watercolor fallback for MC version 1.12.2 and below if water texture is turned off. (water now has a custom color in older MC versions so its no longer grey)
- Added support for TAA(antialiasing) in MC version 1.7.10
- Added support for sky reflections and an option to toggle it. Blends skycolor and watercolor together.
- Fixed bump and parallax mapping for emissive blocks.
- Improved parallax mapping thanks to fayer3@shaderslab discord.
- Various code improvements.

Enhanced Default v1.10:
- Added an anti-aliasing section to the shader options.
- Added TAA (Temporal anti-aliasing), disabled by default. (I recommend enabling it if your system can handle the extra load)
- Added an ingame option to toggle the quality of TAA. (Fast|Fancy)
- Added adaptive sharpening, enabled by default, but is only active if TAA is enabled.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the sharpening strength.
- Updated nether shaders, everything supported by the overworld is now supported in nether aswell. (Reflections, TAA, parallax mapping, etc.)
- Fixed ice and stained glass being affected by refractions. (Water waves)
- Fixed lectern rendering, no more black bars on its sides.
- Various code improvements.
Shoutout to Chocapic13, TAA and adaptive sharpening implementations are based of his code!

Enhanced Default v1.09:
- Ported water ripples changes from vibrant shaders to enhanced default (doesn't include caustics)
- Improved water reflections and removed water reflections quality option.
- Improved transition between reflections and water.
- Added refractions and an ingame option to toggle them (off by default)
- Added an ingame option to adjust the waves amplitude of water.
- Added an ingame option to adjust the overall animation speed of waving entities.
- Added an ingame option to toggle grass shadows.
- Increased parallax mapping texture size option to 2048.
- Improved sun/moon angle option, it's now alot more adjustable.
- Reduced noise texture resolution due to the water changes, this might improve performance on Intel HD gpus / low end systems.
- Minor code cleanup / optimization.
- Removed beam shadows.

Enhanced Default v1.081:
- Reverted emissive lighting changes due to various issues.

Enhanced Default v1.08:
- Added support for MC 1.14.x (waving entities)
- White plane bug is fixed in Optifine 1.14.3 F1 thanks to Sp614x.
- Improved raytracing code for reflections, even fast reflections should be pretty accurate now. Let me know of any performance regressions!
- Ported vibrant shaders tonemap to enhanced default. It slightly alters colors / color balance. Disable by default.
- Added an ingame option to toggle tonemapping to the colors section.
- Added an ingame option to adjust gamma of tonemapping to the colors section.
- Fixed a bug that caused a composite error when celshading was enabled but reflections disabled.
- Fixed broken handheld maps while using parallax mapping (probably fixed alot more)
- Fixed flickering shadows at certain times, like tick 6000.
- Improved emissive lighting code, emissive lighting should now be rendered just like vanilla mc.
- Various code improvements, might cause a small performance/framerate increase!

Enhanced Default v1.071:
- Fixed various amd driver bugs, latest amd driver (19.2.3) should work again. Thanks to Tinyds for testing! (tested on a RX580)

Enhanced Default v1.07:
- Added ingame option Water texture to the reflections screen, allows you to turn off the water texture, so it will just be color.
- Added new ingame options screen Normal map, contains the changes below:
- Added support for parallax mapping
- Replaced option bumpmapping with RP support, toggles between off/bumpmapping/parallax
- Added ingame option RP Resolution, set it to your resourcepack resolution or higher to make pom smoother.
- Added ingame option POM Depth, adjust to your liking.
- Added ingame option POM Distance, adjust the distance at which parallax mapping renders.
- Fixed composite error when turning off reflections while keeping godrays enabled.

Enhanced Default v1.06:
- Added godrays, disabled by default
- Added option menu Sky, includes options for godrays, godrays intensity and godrays quality.
*Fast godrays cause a low performance hit while fancy godrays cause a high performance hit.
- Added debug option draw bumpmap normals.
- Fixed and improved Bumpmapping, it's now fully working.
- Fixed a bug with the horizon being visible underwater.
- Fixed an issue with the sky being reflective at certain times.
- Minor code optimizations and the sky bug being fixed results in another performance boost!
- Removed the [redone] tag, should be clear by now that this is the rewritten version.

Enhanced Default v1.052:
- Fixed tallgrass / doubleplants again, my previous fix broke in the latest optifine preview 6.

Enhanced default v1.051:
- Adjusted lighting to prevent blocks from being overblown by light, like sand.
- Added ingame option lighting strength to the shadows screen.
- Added bumpmapping support, WIP, causes some lighting issues.
- Fixed tallgrass / doubleplants from waving out of sync in 1.13+ (top and bottom half)
- Fixed underwater fog!
- Now works with 1.12.2 and below. 1.13+ requires optifine E3 pre4 or newer.

Enhanced Default v1.04:
- Added support for 1.13/1.13.1, use v1.031 for 1.12.2 and below.
- Minor code changes/updates
Currently broken: Underwater fog

Enhanced Default v1.031:
- Added ingame option Fog

Enhanced Default v1.03:
- More code cleanup and optimization, should increase performance by 10-15%

Enhanced Default v1.02:
- Fixed an issue with normals, resulting in an overall performance increase of about 30%!
- Code optimizations and cleanup, further increasing the overall performance
- Added debugging options in misc, depthbuffer isn't really used but might be neat for some screenshots
- Added support, allowing you to easily add waving and reflections support for new blocks (modded blocks)
- Removed individual reflections options, they are now grouped together due to block id mapping using (see below for more on that one)
- Reduced shadow acne

Enhanced Default v1.01
- Improved performance, I get about 15-20fps more compared to v1.0. Make sure to update your optifine version, otherwise you might not gain that much of a boost.
- Fixed fog under/in lava. You might have to update your optifine version for this to work.
- Added ingame option Reflections Quality. (fast|fancy, default: fast)

Enhanced [redone] v1.0
- Initial release of rewritten enhanced default, everything has been improved.
Sildur's fabulous shaders v1.0:
- Inital release, features: Antialiasing (FXAA), Bloom, depth of field, cel shading, tonemapping (colors).
- Also supports Bumpy and Blobs from the old secret shader settings. 
Everything can be tweaked in "Sildur's fabulous shaders v1.0\assets\minecraft\shaders\program" by editing sildurs_shaders.fsh with an editor like notepad++
//#define Bloom means Bloom is disabled, removing the two slashes -> #Bloom enables it.
Resourcepacks can be reloaded ingame by pressing F3+T